Limitless offers complete range of financial and accounting services in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We provide an excellent accounting and auditing services. Our accounting services are up to date with global standards. Our deep understanding of local requirements, help us to adapt and implement best practices locally, ensuring excellent standards in all our services

In the global business environment, there are many challenges for the companies from an accounting perspective since the shareholders, regulators and other external parties take a greater interest in how companies report, disclose and communicate their financial results. With the financial reporting and disclosure requirements face greater scrutiny, many businesses find it hard to manage these additional requirements.

We can help you to maintain your focus on developing your business and servicing your customers while we handle your accounting. Our expertise enhances internal controls, establishing more accurate accounting while decreasing the opportunities for fraudulent activities.

Book Keeping And Financial Reports Finalization

In modern business world,the access of right financial information at right time is very important for the success of business. We help our clients to ensure that the company management find their accounting and book keeping hassle free and accurate. We are able to finalize your financial reports.

Financial Statement Preparation

Proper financial statements are a business plan for providing the required information in a useful and informative format to assist business to make a good choice. The financial statements are one of the important document of a business for the process of budgeting, forecasting and profit maximization. We are prepared to assist you in financial statement preparation. Our team will work with you to optimize the transactions.

Accounting Standards requirements

We can help our clients in implementing new accounting standards in their businesses with the following supports;

Identifying the financial reporting needs

Understanding the impact on accounting information systems

Technical assistance in accounting issues and enhance the financial information

Personal Financial Statements

We know that individuals do not maintain formal accounting statements and records like a firm, hence we are ready to assist our clients in preparing the statements from root level.